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What to Wear to The Holiday Season Pre-Game (Thanksgiving Dinner)

Outfit ideas for Thanksgiving dinner
by Leandra Medine Cohen
If you buy something, I might earn a commission.

I hosted a trunkshow at my place two weeks ago, which wasn’t a trunkshow for food if you can believe that. It was for UK-based brand Liberowe, by Thalia Loubaton, who makes beautiful jackets.

Liberowe jacket (this is a different vibe, but works in the context too), La Double J x Cafe Leandra pants, The Row tennis shoes

I wore this one on the occasion of the event and am dropping it in because holiday dressing season is upon us…

I’m about to digress but I’ll bring us back — the look actually got me thinking that a good outfit to wear to your Thanksgiving meal next week could be something like this (on the casual but still festive end):

Sundial necklace (love a charm like this to loop into blue thread too), The Garment top (this one is cute [and on sale] too), La Double J pants (they’re nice like this too; or I like these with an elastic waist for $208), Toteme boots (these are a great shape too, or these if you like a pointier toe)

More on this later but back to the jackets — the key man at the trunk show really was this gorgeous long coat. I made off with the jacket version, which I plan to wear with its companion skirt like this:

The t-shirt is Bode (mine’s an XS), the boots are Toteme

But also like this:

Ralph’s Coffee hat, Liberowe jacket, Bode t-shirt (get this swan! Or I love the tiny zoo too), Nue Notes corduroy pants, Toteme boots

While we’re on outfits, I’m dropping in one you could wear to more broadly inaugurate holiday dressing season with a dress styled over elastic waist pants and velvet slippers —

Borgo de Nor dress (I made it a little shorter by double-stick taping the inside), The Row‘ Gala’ pants, Cayumas slippers

Or another that’s more subtle, more “getting dressed for the office but still eager to convey some spirit.”

Alternatively, I might wear this to a Friendsgiving I have tomorrow:

The t-shirt is Bally, but not yet avail. I do like this one from Bode, or here’s a button-down if that’s more your thing. Also love the particular shade of red on this sweater, but here’s one crewneck vest and one with a v in any case. The skirt is from TK (J. Crew has what seems like a similar one here), belt from Khaite and the tights are Calzedonia, and here are the Prada shoes.

And then finally, if you dare:

Bode crown, Leorosa sweater, Azi skirt, Toteme boots

Tree ornament or menorah’s shamash on-the-loose depending on what you are pre-gaming for…

Have also been tracking the happenings of these sandals, which seem like they’d be a good foil to grey socks and stiff jeans, dark wash like these (or something more festive, like this). If any of you have them or have tried them on, what’s the back strap like? Per my ask from a few weeks ago re the pursuit of silver strappy sandals too, thanks to all who sent me a link to these from Rabanne for H&M.

The key man here is these sandals from The Row ($990), with Paco Rabanne x HM’s in close second ($300). Everything else includes two Bode t-shirts (one green, one blue), an Arch 4 sweater and sequined skirt.

Tiny Zoo appliqué cotton T-Shirt
$210 USD
+ NET SUSTAIN Knightsbridge Organic Cashmere Sweater
$795 USD
Blue Sweet Pine T-Shirt
$210 USD
Black Hyatt Midi Skirt
$1,500 USD
Harlow Leather Slingback Sandals
The Row
$990 USD
Shimmery Metallic Strappy Sandals
Rabanne H&M
$299 USD

Still on shoes: another pair that recently caught my attention are these from Arteana.

From the realm of things to wear over your outfits: look at this hat from Cawley Studio

Great to know it won’t blow away when it’s windy, even better that it can be fashioned into a choker if you want to take it off but only a little.

How do you think it would look with these sunglasses? A surprise delivery from Christopher Esber and a nice departure from the round frames I’ve been wearing — not quite a cat eye or bug-eye but a nice mix between the two.

My necklace is by Sapir Bachar

The rest of this outfit, btw, looked like this:

There are so many great Elder Statesman sweaters on TRR right now. Jacket is from there too (this is similar?) — and these are the same corduroys from higher up (Love these velvet guys in a similar shape from J. Crew too). The sneakers are Adidas/Wales Bonner.

Changing tracks now to outerwear, I’ve been wearing one of two By Malene Birger coats a ton lately. The first is this one.

Styled with a Khaite beanie, Ralph Lauren knit, Victoria Beckham pants (these were truly a quality buy) and The Row tennis shoes

And the second is this one. It’s boxy and loose, but rigid and thick enough that its comfortable when worn with a heavy sweater under it, which means it can prob keep you pretty warm through a New York January (or even February) —

Found it with a matching skirt for re-sale here.

Just make sure it is paired with the right shoes (so nothing too formal or rigid: think soft moccasins, tennis shoes, glove-ish boots or ye faithful cowboys).

And then…have you been thinking about holiday party outfits? I really like what’s coming out of J. Crew on the more widely known scale

The shoes are $135— think I’m going to get them! And the skirt is gone, but whatever because this shirt is still an option. This top meanwhile looks kind of cheap, but I love the concept and how its styled. If you find a sim. one, send it my way

Crystal Bow Heels
$135 USD
Collection Cropped Rhinestone Garçon Shirt
$298 USD
Collection Rosette Halter Top in Luster Crepe
$98 USD

Have a great Thanksgiving and I’ll see you back here soon.