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Brown corduroys could be the new jeans

by Leandra Medine Cohen
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The companion story for this shopping guide was published on 1/2 in The Cereal Aisle.

Shop the story below:

1) Polo corduroys ($150)
2) The Row’s Eglitta pants ($405)
3) Frame corduroy straight leg pants ($354)
4) Madewell's Corduroy Pants ($108)
5) Levi’s straight leg 501s — these are my no.1 rec ($75.60)!


Because they’re the most reasonable replacement to jeans I’ve encountered —

Why brown? 

It’s softer than black, which makes them more chill, a less harsh companion to color.

So how do you wear them?

The same way you would any other pair of pants you trust to walk you through high and low, good and bad, fancy, chill, just a little bit wacky:

1) Tory Burch Coat Satin Coat
2) This Sportmax Embellished Top
3) Paired with these Frame Cords

I've been so into styling knit hoodies over ribbed tissue turtlenecks with trousers. No surprise, these cords are a great substitute for more comfort.

1) Toteme Hoodie (also available/on sale in ivory here)
2) Alex Mill Ribbed Turtleneck
3) This incredible vintage Jean Cocteau Fish Pin

In conclusion? 

Brown corduroy pants might be the closest we’ll get to an alt for everyday jeans, so it’s worth giving them a try if you’re post-jeans-curious.