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Five Solid Spring Basics with Massimo Dutti

And how to build personality outfits with them
by Leandra Medine Cohen
If you buy something, I might earn a commission.

I usually engineer an outfit by starting with the pieces that have the most personality and build around them — but lately, I have been thinking that there’s got to be something to reverse engineering this process.

You start with the least of the personality pieces (the basic), and then build from there.

So here are 5 really good and simple spring garments (all under $500) from Massimo Dutti, with personality outfits built around them.

The Beige Suede Bomber

And alternatively:

The Bone Cotton Bermuda Shorts

Or as interpreted by my Spring uniform template

The Limited Edition Black Linen Cape Top

More formally, you can wear it like:

The Fancy White Joggers

The Limited Edition Knit Strapless Dress

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