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How To Get Dressed with Rachel Tashjian Wise

The reporter and writer on clothes as a ritual for confidence, the melding of journalism and fashion, and writing as an experience of aesthetic pleasure
by Leandra Medine Cohen
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The story can be read in The Cereal Aisle HERE. Enjoy her style below:

Look 1: Getting Dressed for Work

When you work from home, you have to sort of break up your day and clothes are a really good way to break it up.

Look 2: Getting Dressed for the Weekend

The outfit I’m wearing would be like if we’re going to a museum or just for a walk or if I’m meeting up with friends for lunch (usually somewhere downtown).

Getting Look 3: Dressed to Go Out in the Evening

How does it feel to me that everyone is a hat person now? Welcome to the party!

More of Rachel's thoughts on writing and the evolution of ‘chic’ HERE.