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How To Start Building a Fine Jewelry Collection

The most versatile and straightforward basics brought to you by Adina Reyter, an L.A.-based fine jewelry brand that specializes in customization.
by Leandra Medine Cohen
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The best place to start when you’re building a fine jewelry collection is with the everyday pieces — the kind of stuff you will know you can wear day in and out with limited friction, which will also add an element of something new or different to whatever else you’re wearing.

Those pieces are:

1. A classic signet ring (styled on the pinky for me, could be another finger for you; recently obsessed with these dogs).

2. A solid chain bracelet to wear with your signet.

3. A pair of small hoops — not quite huggies, but not Hoops either.

4. A chain for your neck, at least 18 inches long, so your neck line isn’t choked-off when you’re wearing a button down shirt.

The objective of wearing jewelry as I understand it is two-fold. You wear it for sentimentality. The other reason is for the aesthetic pleasure of adding a new dynamic to your outfit.

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