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How to Wear Crochet to Work (and Other Places)

by Leandra Medine Cohen
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Runway trends and commercial trends carry different characteristics — with a trend like crochet, which is reaching its own kind of fever pitch for the upcoming season, the options feel broad, even playful.

Crochet is like the summer equivalent of a winter knit: dependable, versatile, comfortable, safe.

The thing I’ve been thinking about is how to take the trend and make it city or work appropriate. Some of the ideas I’ve come up with include:

The Micro Mini Styled Under Cropped Pants

A Longer Dress the Same Way

The Mini Skirt with a Wool Coat

Just Wear it as a Peplum

If your skirt is longer and we’re talking later into the season, something like

The Top

The Pants

Lastly, the Shorts

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