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How to wear riding boots even if you’ve never been near a horse

by Leandra Medine Cohen
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I’m kidding, this is not the answer but also like, not no, no?

It would seem that trends in fashion are finally, actually on the precipice of big change — that after years and years of wearing permutations of the same thing over and over, the tide is actually turning and as with every tide that turns, I suspect there will be an awkward in-between period where we won’t really know what we’re doing and will thus end up looking silly. It will be disorienting but also heartening because risks will get taken, mistakes will get made, we’ll fuck up and finally! Look like rough edges for a little while and right there — inside the rough edge — is always where the most inspiring style ideas come from.

So let us not miss this chance.

Let us also separate the trends one from the other.

Up today: the antidote to ankle boots. Adequate shin guardsA viable way to wear the skinny jeans haunting the back of your closet. Knee-high boots!

The most obvious way to wear them is with said skinny jeans. Give them another go around the block. Just this one time.

Kassl Edition trench coat (or: good single breast from Cos here), Marvin Ruby quilted jacket as top, Khaite skinny jeans, Toteme boots, Jil Sander clutch

But maybe open your eyes a little wider. Onwards now to a baby risk employing the crux of your safety net, your current favorite jeans:

Dada x LMC scarf, The Row sunglasses, Dior jacket, Closed x LMC, Toteme boots

Big queen of England energy, no?

But let us not forget Di!

Frame sweatshirt, Raey trousers

Try them with a dress you thought was only for summer:

Or another you thought was only for NYE:

Rejina Pyo dress (here’s a fun one), Azi jacket

(A slip dress works too.)

This is an old Rosie Assoulin sweater — here are some knits I found on The Real Real. And here’s a good slip dress if you’re looking for one

Skirts you haven’t worn in several moons

Mango jacket, (sizing up in Uniqlo's ultra light down might be better), Cecilie Bahnsen skirt, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini belt — here’s a comp for $132

or corduroy pants bc you’re sick of jeans but not their vibe:

Can’t recommend this Venstore polo enough! Nue Notes pants and the Jil Sander bag again

Khakis if actually, you *do* want to look like you’ve been near a horse:

Delarge sunglasses, Martin Martin blazer, Gimaguas necklace, By Tatoufa basket

A mini skirt!

Kolonaki Madrid jacket, Art Dealer skirt

Or long top-as-a-skirt-I-mean-dress-still-mini:

Martin Martin cropped jacket, Chava tux shirt worn as dress

Cut offs — because you can dress a horse up like a zebra, but in the end, he’s still a horse.

Attersee henley, Re/done shorts and here's a good jacket from Bonobos if you like mine (it’s a mens blazer from one of Abie’s suits)

And overalls —

Gimaguas sweater, Hey Gang overalls

Because overall, we should not forget that this is a period of trial and error! So feel free to fuck up.

Dad jokes forever,