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The styling tip that launched a million outfits

by Leandra Medine Cohen
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The companion story for this shopping guide was published on 1/9 in The Cereal Aisle.

The Shirt Sandwhich -

How do you reignite your motivation to dress for the winter (not just get dressed) once the holiday season is over? How do you get the momentum going again?

The answer lies within Victoria Beckham's Pre Fall '24 lookbook where you can aptly find an example of The Shirt Sandwich.

The recipe:

thin shirt layer(s) + textured layer + outerwear + *optional* added detail like a scarf

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Turtlenecks/silk scarves were styled under button down shirts or in between layers of shirt, knit and blazer/ jean jacket.

Has the same effect with a range of knits that are crew neck, hoodie, polo, etc

The shirt sandwiches styled well with a variety of relatable pants (jeans, flare legs, wool trousers).

And structured a-line skirts (denim, leather).

A million looks, one tip. Thats how this ends.