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We Have Entered the Era of The Personality Hat

So, what makes one good, what does it do for your outfit and most important: how should you wear it?
by Leandra Medine Cohen
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A brief definition of what constitutes a personality hat: it is basically any topper that has the power to transform your outfit into something more delectable.

A baseball cap says calm, cool, casual, collected —

While something more like The Row’s Penelope will be like, “I am conceptual and understand art.”

A pillbox reflects respect for old house tradition, no matter how you plan to wear it:

While a swim cap says… I’m not scared of uncharted waters (see what I did here?)

If this is too far a reach for you, one look that could do the same thing without making you feel crazy is:

A tight-to-the-head-band like this —

And then last category: something raffia, crochet, or completely unseasonal

And here is one last miscellaneous companion shopping collage for when you’re ready to test because, I’ll say it again:

There’s never been a better time to wear a hat.