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What comes after red?

by Leandra Medine Cohen
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The companion story for this shopping guide was published on 2/6 in The Cereal Aisle.

I’ve had this idea in my mind for the last several months that green is the new red, but trends don’t really die and get replaced by new ones anymore so much as they do develop this buildable quality.

What I mean is, they stick around and get stacked on.

The way this is playing out right now is with the growing popularity of a few other colors: cobalt blue, violet purple, and what I will break down in this post: slime green.

See how it builds on top of red, almost giving new qualities to the grandfathered accent color?

When you wear slime green as the main event, it’s the punch in the face you are often seeking to remember you’re alive in the dead of winter.

This green is good with shades of white, camel, khaki, or heather grey, navy or brown, too

This shade of green does cool things too within the constellation of the other accent colors I mentioned at the top (cobalt blue, violet purple). I’ll break it down a little more closely in next week’s digest on colored tights ;)