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What do moms really wear with Sarah Corbett-Winder

The mom of 3 on committing to an optimistic outlook
by Leandra Medine Cohen
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Up today: Sarah Corbett-Winder, the stylist who run her own fashion label, Kipper and lives in Northwest London with her 3 kids.

The Morning Routine:

I love dressing in one color, and I love wearing red at the moment. It’s a great color to make outfit pop (as you know) but it’s also pretty special in full. This suit is defined by me and I’ve paired it with a polo beck and red striped shirt — items I go to often in my wardrobe. Then the shoes are something comfortable.

What to Wear on the Weekend:

On the weekends, we love to have a slow Saturday morning — rolling out of bed later and having breakfast and then we’ll typically go somewhere. That family time on the weekend is so nice. You can stop, get a cup of coffee, go to the cinema on the way home if you please.

For Mom's Night Out:

Some weekend evenings we’ll stay in with the kids, they’ll stay up a little late and maybe we’ll watch a movie, but I also like getting out. The combo is what feels best.

When I go out with my husband, I find I’ll always wear something I wouldn’t wear with my children.

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