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What Do You Wear to Dinner?

A visual list of ideas
by Leandra Medine Cohen
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The most effective container, I find, to dress into when you want for more glamour is labeled “what to wear to dinner” because of the notes it asks that you hit: feel like yourself, but a little more flirty. A little more fun. More inspired. Yes, I think the word is inspired.

Below, a brief visual list of thought starters — to get me (and I hope you too) going.

Cashmere in Love black turtleneck, By Malene Birger pants, Alaia platforms (another color here)

Shoes can make all the difference

This category is defined by looks that take nothing to put together — classic jeans or pants with straightforward tops that will develop entirely new characteristics as full outfits when you change your shoes.

Look 1: Bally jacket, Splendid turtleneck, some good black shorts, Gucci platforms.

Look 2: White T-Shirt from Kule, Veronica de Piante black mini skirt (I am floored by the impact a good black mini skirt can have), Prada heels.

Your clothes (or jewelry) can do the lifting too

In this category, there is more emphasis on the actual outfits you put together, which take more effort and time to get right but can also wake you up out of an uninspired slumber depending on how you’ve been feeling, and whatever it is that you need.

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