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What to wear instead of jeans

A visual list of outfit ideas
by Leandra Medine Cohen
If you buy something, I might earn a commission.

No explanations this week. Just looks. Or ideas, really. Ideas to get your mind thinking about what kinds of outfits you can put together that don’t include jeans. Bc lately, I hate how mine feel. And I guess that technically to stave off such a feeling, I could go out and get some that feel better but I also know that I have enough stuff to wiggle around and through the rest of my wardrobe and come out on the high-energy side. That feelings are like ships on a tide! Sometimes up, sometimes down, often passing through the night.

There’s also a toss-off in each of the looks. What I mean by this is that one component of every outfit launches the one that comes after it, tossing off a piece from the previous look to create something new. By the end, I loop right back around to the beginning. Which is 🌀 really 🌀 how 🌀 most 🌀 things 🌀 go, huh? Okay:

Something to wear to dinner. Red turtleneck, Cashmere in Love sweater, Nafsika Skourti skirt (am compelled to recommend this as an alternative), Calzedonia tights (I think they sold out; here is a pair from Falke), Saint Laurent slingbacks (these for something more basic look like a great shape)

Something to wear to lunch. Nafsika Skourti skirt, Toteme sweater and bootsa blue silk bandana (something about the white in the pattern) is a good way to break up a combo of grey and blacks

Hats with a sense of humor! This one’s by Jenny Walton; more will be avail at the end of the month but in the meantime, what do you say to this one? Attersee dress, Wolford bodysuit (I think the Spanx one is probably just as good), Toteme boots once again (and the sunglasses are Oliver Peoples, but these from Warby do the same thing)

You’ll notice a few petty (not to be confused with pretty!) toss-offs here and there. In this one, it’s the bodysuit, styled under a Zankov sweater with a sequined skirt from New Arrivals (this one from Paco Rabanne is on sale, and returnable; so is this one from Dodo Bar Or), more tights from Calzedonia and a pair of late, great Prada platforms. Not made for walking but good for standing (here’s another approach to platform reintegration; I really like these ones for … $33!? too)

Then there is me, the Yeshiva girl at heart in the same platforms and tights styled with a skirt from Another Tomorrow, a sweater from Venstore and a belt from a dress from One/of.

Same skirt, different occasion. A gallery opening perhaps? With a pair of derbies from The Row and a boat neck of the same origin. This one from Anine Bing is a good comp. Here’s a necklace that is not the same but could produce a similar effect. If you’re confused about how:

Shoes and socks were the carry over, anklet over said socks notwithstanding! Styled with a black crew neck knit from Nadaam, but I just saw this one and think if you need a black sweater, this is the better bet, a Maria McManus skirt (styled inside out!) and a red bag from Khaite.The t-shirt under the knit is also Khaite which I mention because…

Another cheap ploy. It’s the same tee here. Styled with a Carlota Cahis sweater, Nue Notes pants (similar here), a Khaite belt and Chanel ballet flats —these ones are good if you like the color.

Here we have the same belt, styled over a black blazer (this one is exactly the right shape, and I think it can serve the same purpose as black, so I recommend it implicitly f you’re in the market for a multipurpose blazer) with a half-zip under. Mine is Jil Sander, bet this one will keep you warmer! The track pants are from Venstore(I do find Everlane’s intriguing too) and the shoes are Loro Piana’s open walk. A pair of boat shoes does the same thing; but you really have to be ready to own it!!! Which, it turns out, I am not. This is actually the ideal everyday-er for a mom who is anchored at home, she said.

And here we have the half zip under By Malene Birger’s fringe with khakis from a sample sale; these are really cool too (but probably also from a different vibe what with the built-in boxer band); would also file these under “no-brainer.” The sock boots are by Chanel. Sorry for that sentence!

Fringe part two! With Giuliva Heritage jeans this time (I broke my only rule! But to console myself: Giuliva Heritage is a tailoring brand, so these are more like jhhhhhhhhheans than they are jeans), and La Double J sock boots

La double, Double J sock boots with pants of the same brand name — styled with a sweater from And Daughter and a beanie from Carlota Cahis. The coat is from a small French brand called Martin Martin.

Return of the kooky hat and red suede bag (here’s a good Etsy comp), with the carry-over product as the silk scarf that was wrapped around my neck last time in my hair as a bow this time. I don’t know why I had not recommended it sooner. Here is a jacket that is different, but so good. The skirt is Le Kilt and the boots are The Row (if you’re a 37.5 or a 39.5, this great pair is on sale).

It’s the white t-shirt (a different one this time) as the carryover, styled with a grey polo from Venstore (this one from Mango is a dif vibe but I like it, and it works hereandin a casual setting so it might be more useful?), a blazer by Bouguessa (this one is good too. Sandro is good right now), pants from Soeur Paris and sandals by Khaite (they’re half off!). The earrings are Sophie Bille Brahe— I like these from Shashi too.

Glad we ended on pearls in the last one, we’re starting there with the toss-off — styled with a black tweed jacket (not black, but great shape!), Kallmeyer taffeta pants (maybe that’s my resolution for the yr: more taffeta) and brown Chanel combat boots; I am also slowly warming up to these trust fund boots. I love the gold chain from Paco Rabanne around my wrist a lot this time of year.

Same pants (and bracelet), diff diff vibe. White socks and old Celine gold sandals (these are fun! Love these too, but nothing beats TRR, huh), a long strand of pearls— I think we’re approaching the return of single long strands, ppl! —a brown Toteme sweater (this one works too) and red turtleneck under. Right back where we started!

The end.